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To become the market leader in stone coated metal roofing tiles and roofing materials in East and Central Africa

To provide quality, affordable and innovative roofing products that cater for the various market segments and the dynamic customer needs.


Dura Roofing Products (K) was incorporated in 2002 in Kenya. The company is a leader in the metal base roofing tiles industry commanding the lion’s share of the market. The company is a subsidiary of Rickford Investments (Pty) Ltd, one the largest steel roofing manufacturing companies in South Africa, incorporated in the early 70’s.

In the early 90’s Rickford Investments (Pty) Ltd ventured into the manufacturing of stone coated metal roofing tiles thus giving birth to Dura Roofing Products (DuraRoof). Dura Roofing Products (K) partnered with its South African counterpart in 2002 to become one of the pioneers of this product in the Kenyan market.


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